Nr. 1 - Handytasche "MJ"
Nr. 2 - Handytasche "WG"
Nr. 3 - Handytasche "MJ"
Nr. 4 - Messer mit Stickerei
Nr. 5 - Messer mit bestickter Scheide "HK"
Nr. 6 - Damastmesser mit Olivenholzgriff bestickt
Nr. 7 - Messer mit bestickter Scheide
Nr. 8 - Messer mit bestickter Scheide
Nr. 9 - Hundehalsband bestickt mit "Laufenden Hund"
Nr. 10 - Hundehalsband
Nr. 11 - Hundehalsband
Nr. 12 - Edler Harmonika mit Stickerei
Nr. 13 - Jamnik Harmonika mit Stickerei
Nr. 14 - Bassriemen bestickt
Nr. 15 - Haarspange eckig
Nr. 16 - Haarspange bestickt
Nr. 17 - Haarspange bestickt
Nr. 18 - Haarspange bestickt


Do you have a special piece that you would like to refine with our quill embroidery? We are more than happy to cater to your individual needs.

Mobile telephone covers for all models are made individually, upon request; there is also a pocket for business cards. The blades of the knives are of the highest quality steel as is the processing. By the harmonicas is the embroidery incorporated into the wood; this is possible with all models and brands.

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