Nr. 1 - Lodenrucksack
Nr. 2 - Gewehrriemen
Nr. 3 - Rucksackriemen mit Gams
Nr. 4 - Rucksackriemen bestickt
Nr. 5 - Rucksackriemen mit Gams
Nr. 6 - Brauner Rucksack
Nr. 7 - Damenrucksack
Nr. 8 - Rucksack mit Gamshaupt
Nr. 9 - Rucksack mit Initialen


Backpacks with fine quill embroidery are a very practical accessory that can be worn both in everyday life as well as with a traditional costume. They are sewn with high quality tweed by the company Loden Steiner and always have a fleece lining. The leather pieces are embroidered and sewn by hand. They can also be removed from the Tweed so that the fabric can be washed.